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The art of being uncompromisingly yourself

It all began when musicians Matt and Charles, two social misfits in middle school, met in 2001. Both found each other to be bored with mainstream radio and neither had much patience for the norm. A lifelong bond was forged through their mutual obsession of feverishly finding bizarre and eclectic music. Recording dozens of unusual songs on archaic hardware and ancient platforms over the following years.


Ultimately, ideas and imaginations came to realization upon Mark “The Red Stallion” Brown joining the collective. His talent allowed for the exploration of new genres. His mind also free from the constraints of expected formulas, pushed the envelope of what was ever possible before. Thus, with his power and articulation, Nub was born.


Nub, are known for their relentless energy through their live shows and songs. Blending comedic lyrics border-lining on the obscene, and catchy music that is as unhinged as it is tight. It’s an uncompromising journey into the strange recesses of their psyche. 




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