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Upcoming Shenanigans

🌵September 13 - BAR BAR Denver

🌵September 14 - Eastfax Tap Denver

🌵September 15 - 2454 W Greeley

🌵September 21 - Surfside Fort Collins


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Hailing from Colorado, Nub is a wild three-piece sure to tantalize you into dancing with massive riffs and funky licks. With influences from the likes of Primus, Ween and Gogol Bordello, it’s a hilarious and bold oddity dipped in euphoric juices. Like your latest bender, you’ll be left wondering what happened last night, but dying to do it again.

Nub are known for their relentless energy through their live shows and songs. Blending comedic lyrics border-lining on the obscene, and catchy music that is as unhinged as it is tight. It’s an uncompromising journey into the strange recesses of their psyche. 

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